Maple leaf quilt pattern


This maple leaf quilt pattern is a fairly easy 12" block. You can add a border to make the colors pop. This pattern comes from "101 Patchwork Patterns" The link is below.

The Maple Leaf Quilt Block Is Easy

The Maple Leaf is one of the best examples possible of a charmingly naturalistic pattern from squares and triangles simply placed together. Of course, the applique stem does help, too.

While green is suggested and usually used, there is no reason why gay leaves of yellow, orange, red and brown tones would not make a wonderful quilt. Maple leaves always set together with alternate blocks, check-board fashion, so that the stems all point in one direction diagonally across the quilt in a sort of formal, windblown effect.

(When using old patterns out of quilt books)

Patterns here given are to transfer to cardboard; they do not allow for seams, so cut about a quarter of an inch larger and sew back to your pencil line. Stem does not have to be turned in at ends if it is appliqued onto its small square first, before the block is pieced. This makes a 12" square block and requires 6 yards white with 3 yards of green or autumn tints to complete into a full size coverlet. 


Cutting the maple block pattern is 12"

I personally cut 4x4" squares for 3 print and 2 background.

For triangles:

I cut 2 (5 1/2") from print and 2 (5 1/2") squares from background.

I than cut all the 51/2" squares in half to get my triangles. 


Stitching the maple leaf block

(Stem) I cut one background in half. Cut 3/4" X 6" piece of dark color for stem. Stitch to cut back ground on long sides and you have your stem. Trim to 4"x 4" square.

(Stitching squares)

Now stitch all print triangles to all background triangles. Press open. 

Lay out your leaf pattern as it is easier to keep track of where you are. 

Top row, stitch square to square and than square 2 to square 3.

Repeat for each row. 

Now to connect your rows. I am a pinner, I like my points to match. The easiest way is to lay the row together matching points and pin. 

Pin and stitch row 1 to row 2. Than rows 1 and 2 to row 3. Now press open. How easy is that. 


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