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Making doll clothes in the early 50s was a wonderful learning experience. We filled the little doll clothes closets for a memorible Christmas. 

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When the Barbie dolls came out, I had two daughters one seven , one five. That is all I heard about for weeks, Christmas was coming and I was going to do my best to get at least one doll, maybe two.I only knew of one store that had the dolls so One day when I was off work, I went to see what all the fuss was about.

Well I certainly saw, little perfect dolls that were so beautiful, with beautiful hair that could be combed. Remember, I grew up with big dolls, Shirley Temple, and baby dolls, but these were something else.

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Not cheap doll clothes back than

They also had an array of clothes, the likes of I had never seen for a doll. Eighty-nine cents for a lovely dress, but eight-nine cents for one outfit was kind of a lot of money for "doll clothes" and money was tight. When I went home I decided that they were much to expensive, so I would have to come up with something else.

Didn't have any doll clothes patterns

Then I thought doll clothes, they are so tiny I bet I could make a lot of them while the kids were at school. I grabbed the rag bag and started looking for some cloth that would be perfect for making doll clothes. Well, I had an old towel, dish rag, and a pillow case, not so glamorous. I called my girl friend, Miriam and asked if she had any old cloth, things were quite a bit different in those days, there was really plenty of nothing.Miriam was enchanted with the idea and promised to go through her closet and see what she could find.

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First, I must tell you that I am not a seamstress, in fact I struggle to sew on a button. Two days later, Miriam called and said she had canvased the neighborhood and had enough cloth to dress an army. But the best thing she said was, could she help, she no children so this would be fun for her. Needless to say I accepted gratefully. We decided to get together for two hours after breakfast and see what we could come up with.

The next day she came over, fifteen minutes early, and we sat down and looked over the goods. We laughed thinking one dress would make five hundred of doll clothes. We had no patterns for making doll clothes, so we laid the doll on paper and drew around her to get an idea of her size. Thank heavens for Miriam, she at least had done some sewing and had an idea what to do. We agreed that she would cut the dress and I would sew it, the first day was kind of a try day. The next day, however we got something that kind of looked pretty good.

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Vintage doll clothes patterns

By the end of the week we had four dresses completed, You would have thought we were to have a real fashion show. Then Miriam decided to make a blouse, by cutting a dress in half, it worked, and we were beside ourselves. We made "doll clothes" for a solid month and Barbie had a wardrobe fit for a princess.By saving money on clothes, I was able to get two dolls and they both had plenty to wear. It was a happy Christmas, thanks to Miriam, I guess you can make things happen if you really want to.

In the following years many patterns have been created for making doll clothes. This is one of those wonderful patterns.

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