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“This is not easy quilt patterns”

Lone star quilt patterns have a rich and varied history. Like their namesake (Texas) the lone star state, this difficult pattern is one of the oldest ones in American quilting. This difficult to master quilt pattern, when mastered, was and is a test of the quilter's nerves and patience. Especially so when the entire quilt was hand sewn and quilted.

The star itself is often made with six, eight or more points. The small diamond shaped pieces are assembled in such a way as to make the star radiate outward from the center to the edges of the quilt. There are blank spaces, which are often used to showcase the quilter's skill by focusing on the creation of flowers or smaller versions of the design.

Star quilt pattern

The pattern also is known by other names and there are different styles of quilting that are used. But it is one of the most striking patterns that is sure to catch the eye of any person who is passing. The piecing, quilting stitches and color combinations are limited only to the quilters imagination.

The Lone Star quilt patterns can also be known as the Star of Bethlehem, the Mathematical Star, Star of the East and the Native American name, Morning Star. Smaller versions of the this pattern can be found under the names  Touching Stars and Blazing Stars.

 There is a record of a quilter in Texas, who made burial quilts for her family out of black and white fabric, in the Lone Star Quilt pattern. The earliest example of a Texan Lone Star quilt was one made just before the Alamo fell, establishing pride in Texas and the symbolism of the pattern as the Lone Star Quilt.

Colorful  scrap quilt patterns

The colors are limited to a few and the combinations used are often very striking when finished. One advantage the quilter today has is that the computer can be used with quilting programs such as electronic quilter to picture the quilt top on the screen and therefore decide which color schemes to work with. This is a great benefit as it, the program can also show you the amount of fabric will be needed if you have a six or eight pointed star. 

Lone Star Quilt patterns can be in either a twin, full, queen or king sized quilt. The diamonds that make up the quilt top are small and accuracy in cutting, piecing and placing the colors just right, is essential to the this pattern coming out the way it should.

Modern techniques are helpful in making the these quilt tops. However, in the end, it is the skill and experience of the quilter that matters most in creating an eye catching  quilt.

The Lone Star patterns has influenced other crafts also, with the design being used in painting, woodworking and other types of media. This pattern will produce the stunning look that attracts the eye and challenges the skill of the craftsman, no matter what the materials it is made with.

Lone Star Quilt Patterns to Quilts

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