How To Sew A Dress

"Easy sewing projects"

Are you wanting to learn how to Sew a Dress? There are many reasons for learning how to sew.

Have you ever seen a dress you really like but have to settle for just admiring it simply because the cost is beyond your budget? Or maybe you have seen a dress that you love but there is a couple of things that just doesn't work for you.

Having the ability to design or alter a pattern and knowing how to sew a dress that perfectly matches your tastes and body type is a skill many a woman would love to learn. It is possible to make your own dress, there are no great secrets to learning to sew and here we have lots of sewing help. Just a few easy rules you will need to learn.

The first thing you need to do is decide on the pattern you like. There are many styles and designs to choose from and you can do a complete search online. From choosing your pattern to having it delivered to your door.

Learn how to sew with easy sewing projects

As you do this, you must also be clear on whether you want a long or short dress or if you are going for a formal look, smarty casual or casual. When you learn how to sew a dress for the first time, it is best to choose a fairly basic pattern that comprises of fewer pieces and thus less cutting and sewing, so that your work is made that much easier.

When looking to achieve an elegant look consider the fabric first. You definitely want the fabric to look elegant and classy therefore make sure you choose the right material for your dress .

New Look patterns are great for beginners

There are also a number of materials that can be difficult to work with and beginners should postpone using them until they are more experienced at sewing. Examples of materials you may want to avoid using include silky, satin, leather, velvet or suede. As you hone your sewing skills, you can incorporate such material in your future dresses.

You should also check the amount of material you need on the back of the pattern you choose. The pattern will give you the accurate yardage required.

First you will want to check your pattern as many come in 3 to 4 sizes. You will want to be careful of the bias of the fabric and also take notice when it says to place pattern piece on the fold. You will want to cut all the pieces in the size you need. Place your pattern pieces on the fabric according to the pattern instructions.

The best way to do this is pin the pattern pieces onto the material and then cutting around the outline of each pattern piece. Make sure you are cutting on the outside of the pattern, on the lines for your size and leaving the seam allowance.

Doll Clothes How To Sew A Dress

Free dress patterns

Another helpful tip when you choose to sew a dress is to first preshrink your material before you start cutting. This can be easily done by washing and drying in a dryer. It would be a shame to put all this work into a dress and than have it shrink the first time you wash it.

An iron also comes in handy during sewing as you can use it to remove creases, press seams flat on your material and press hem lines in place before you commence sewing.

You can also find many free dress patterns online for dolls, babies and children.

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