How to make a tutu quick and easy

"Toddler dance wear"

How to make a tutu in just one hour, quick and easy step by step directions written directions and pictures. Don't spend a ton of money on this easy and basic project.

This is a no sew project and can easily be accomplish in about an hour. The tutu fabric is tulle and you will cut it in strips and tie it onto a ribbon or elastic.

 Either way is fine just a matter of what you choose to use. Tutu fabric used:

My daughter signed my 3 year old granddaughter up for kids dance classes and she needed a tutu outfit. So this is what I came up with and how I made it. No sewing just fabric and ribbon or elastic needed. You can find all your supplies here

How to make a tutu directions

Kids dance clothes quick and easy

Tutu Material needed: tulle (netting fabric), I choose four different colors and bought ½ yard each. Ribbon (2 yds) or elastic (enough to fit around the childs waist).

Time to assemble: about 1 hour

1- Measure the childs waist

2- Cut ribbon long enough to go around the waist plus enough on both sides to tie a nice bow. (You can also use elastic)

(3a) (If using elastic) Measure the waist and cut elastic same length. Than either pin it together with a safety pin or use a staple to fasten it.

(3b) (When Using Ribbon): Divide ribbon in thirds and place a knot on each end of the center section (waist size). This is the section that will go around the childs waist. (The knots will prevent the tulle from slipping off)

4- Fold or roll strips of the tulle

5- I cut my strips to be about 3 inches wide but of course you can make them any width you want.

6- Cut strips to be about 24 inches long each. You will want them all to be the same length.

7- Now you need to take one strip at a time. Fold in half, lengthwise.

8- Lay loop end over waist band and pull ends over waistband and through loop

9- Repeat this process until all your strips are used or until you have the tutu as full as you desire.

10- After you have attached all the strips and have the tutu as full as you desire, you can than trim any strips that may have been cut too long.

Now that you have learned how to make a tutu you can make a ballet tutu of many colors or one color. The toddler tutu is so easy and quick to make she can have a different one for each class.

You can also find materials here at: 

How To Make A Tutu to Sewing Lessons

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