How to Hem Jeans

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Do you want to learn how to hem jeans, then you have come to the right place. This is a very easy alteration job and it will be very useful to learn. You will use the same steps with hemming any pants, this does not just apply to jeans.

Most people are an inch or two shorter than the pants standard. And then there are people like me that are short and can never seem to find a pair of jeans at the proper length. So many people that can benefit from this process, everyone should take a moment to learn how it is done.

If you don't know how to do this than you will have to pay somebody else for this very simple job and this will add on another $5.00 to $15.00 to the cost of your jeans. When you buy three or four pair of pants this can run into some serious money.

How to hem jeans step by step

Items needed: tape measure, iron, ironing board, sewing machine or needle and thread

Measuring is important: There are a couple of ways to get the proper measurement. First, you need to determine the length you need the pair of jeans to be.

The easy way is to measure the inseam of an old pair of pants that you think are the perfect length. Place the tape measure (always better to use a tape measure not a ruler) by the crotch seam and measure down the inseam to the bottom of the leg. Now you have the correct inseam measurement.

The second way to do it is to measure the person, this is hard if you are measuring yourself. This measurement should be taken when the individual that will be wearing the jeans is standing straight up. Next, raise (fold up) the jeans leg about an inch off of the ground. When this is done, place a pin into the material to mark it to keep the leg at the proper height.

With hem pinned to proper length you will now want to turn the pants inside out. This will make you work much easier. You will need to cut away any excess fabric. This will help you to avoid having thick seams on the jeans. This is a very important step to remember as you learn how to hem jeans.

Remember denim is a heavy fabric and you don't need or want to add bulk by just turning up the old hem and hemming. If you only need to raise an inch, do take out the old hem and press flat, than turn up to the proper length and stitch as follows.

Hemming Jeans

1 – After pants are turned and pinned to desired length, (use lots of pins 4 to 8) you will need to trim the excess material, if you have more than an inch to work with. At no time should you go below one inch when hemming jeans. You will need room to turn the hem and sew.

2 - Once you have cut out or taken out the old hem, you will now need to press your jeans. This will allow them to evenly fold. Now, you should take the hem and fold it up and then pin it in place.

3 – Now with jeans I use a zig zag stitch around the raw edge to prevent fraying. If you turn the hem a bit on jeans it causes too much bulk. But if you use this stitch it keeps everything flat and neat. Besides being very easy on your machine.

4 - After you have completed that step, press the area with the iron again to ensure there isn't any wrinkling. You will find that this can result in sizing problems. When that is done, you should have a half inch piece left. This process has created two layers for you to work with.

Finishing how to hem pants

5 - You are now ready for your final work on your stitching. The process should begin near the seam and then slowly work or sew over the rise of the seam. Some machines can't sew into the seam, there is a chance you could break the needle. But you can finish this step by hand sewing the hem in this step if needed.

Learning how to hem jeans, will save you a lot of money and widen your selection when shopping. In no time you will have jeans that look amazing and you will be able to teach others how to do this, or make some extra money hemming jeans for other people. Unless you are the exact length of the inseam of pants bought off the rack you are going to need to learn how to hem jeans.

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