Free Doll Patterns

"Sewing doll clothes"

The free doll patterns included below are just right for those Barbie sewing patterns we all are looking for. They will fit any 11 ½ inch fashion doll. Pattern is for a dress and jacket with instructions for assembly.

Free doll patterns

Vintage doll pattern #2

Suited for a Busy Day #2

Use left over cotton or cotton blend fabric. Always use a ¼ inch seam allowance when sewing these free doll patterns otherwise the fit will be wrong.

It is advisable to have a tracing wheel and paper for darts and dots for special instructions. This really makes the job easier.

Cut all notches as indicated to match up all the garment pieces.

Take notice of what will be placed on the fold of the fabric.

Hem and press as you go, this makes the sewing much neater.

Curved pieces fall much better if you make small slits around the curve almost to the stitching.

For sleeves it is easier to baste stitch around top and gather before placing on garment.


At top of dress pattern (neck facing)

1- Join the dress facing seam and the shoulder seams front and back. Right side of fabric facing each other.

2- Now match the notches on dress side and sew from underarm down the side seams to the dot. (This is the beginning of the side slits)

3- Press the seams open and hem neck facing, press

4- Hem the side slits, press

Back Seam of dress

1- Stitch the back seam to the dot (Back opening of dress)

2- Clip at base of dot and hem the back opening

3- Hem sleeves and bottom edges of dress

4- Turn right side notch sleeves a little around shoulder edges and press

Turn facing at neck to inside on line indicated


1- Sew Darts as indicated

2- Sew fronts to the back piece at the shoulders

3- Sew the facing pieces at the center back seam and press open

4- With right sides together, stitch facing around front and neck edges to hem

5- Trim close and turn inside



1- Match the notches on the sleeves to the jacket notches, you may need to gather a bit to fit properly Now sew the sleeves in place

2- Stitch cuff to sleeve matching notches. Stitch from cuff of sleeve on down the side seams of jacket

3- Hem the sleeves

4- Hem the bottom of the jacket

5- Blind stitch or tack the front facing of jacket


1- Stitch cuff to sleeve matching notches

2-Stitch sleeve seams and side seams


Printable patterns for the fashion doll patterns in this set include: Full-size patterns and sewing instruction for any 11 1/2" fashion doll - ebook includes all full-size patterns and instructions to make the complete Glamor Girl 10 piece wardrobe. No need to draw them out, they are all ready to print. It is only $2.49

This complete wardrobe includes: Evening Gown, stole, daytime dress, panties, slacks, skirt, summer top, business dress, jacket, and coat.

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