Flying Geese Quilt Pattern

"Also known as Wild Goose Chase"

Easy Flying Geese Quilt Pattern also known as Wild Goose Chase makes a fun project using scraps.

Necessity is the keynote of the history of American quilt-making . . . a fascinating history which dates back beyond the pioneer days when it was a woman's, job to spin and weave, save scraps and sew.

To­day, again, necessity has come to the foreground, and more women are dis­covering that to make use of every odd scrap of cloth is not only economical and smart, but fun as well. As in the days of "Aunt Dinah's Quilting Party," durability and warmth are the first considerations in quilt-making, but in­describable is the supreme satisfaction and pleasure that came from seeing your own handiwork turned into a colorful and useful quilt.

Download Flying Geese Quilt Pattern Here

The illustrated quilt above was done in the Wild Goose Chase pattern, traditional with the Dutch women settlers of Long Island. It was set together with strips and borders of burgundy-red percale patterned with small white flowers and tiny turquoise dots. It was lined with a soft-finish chintz patterned in hair-line vine of burgundy; the eight-inch border of percale was carried out on the wrong side also, making this quilt reversible—another thrift idea.

How to Draw a that Block for a Wild Goose Chase (Fig. 1).

Draw an oblong 5 ins. wide by 2 1/2 ins. high. Halve the top line and draw lines from this top intersection to each lower corner of oblong. The large triangle will be the pattern for patches cut from printed cottons (the "wild geese) the small triangles will be pattern for background, cut from white material.

How to 'Cut" a Fast Flying Geese Quilt Pattern

Place cardboard pattern on wrong side of material (straight of goods as shown in Fig. 1) and outline the edges with pencil. When cutting, allow 3/16 or 1/4 inch for seams.

How to Piece a Wild Goose Chase. Seam the two small white triangles to large printed triangle as shown in Fig. 1. Sew unit blocks (oblongs) together in strips, desired length of quilt, less borders. Number of strips needed will be determined by width of bed for which quilt is planned.

How to 'Set" a Wild Goose Chase (Fig. 2). The pieced strips are finally set together with lengthwise strips of flowered chintz, small-patterned print, plain broadcloth or striped percale, as shown in Fig. 2. The strips setting the quilt together may be the same width or slightly wider than the pieced strips. Have same number of unit blocks in each row and be sure the horizonal lines of their piecing are even with one another across the quilt.

Finish with an 8 inch boarder all around. Quilt plain strips and boarder with ½ inch diamonds following outline of triangles.

Flying Geese Quilt Pattern to Quilt Ebooks

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