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"Quilt string block pattern"

You won't believe these easy quilt blocks

Have you been hunting an easy quilt pattern?

Want to join the quilters world, but not sure you can?

Been bitten by the quilting bug and itching for something quick and easy to do?

Wishing you could find some easy quilt blocks that just looked like you had spent a lot of time on it?

Handmade baby quilts are great gifts

Well, here's your cure, in this versatile and easy quilt pattern called a string block. This quilt pattern is not only easy but also very "green" because it uses all your "strip" scraps from trimming selvages to squaring blocks.

This method makes up quickly and beautifully for a baby shower gift.

It is time saving and simple. You don't have to worry about any difficult measuring, templates or even following a complicated pattern. Just gather your strips, decide on your colors, the size of your squares and sew.

There are two ways you can piece this quilt, on a fabric foundation or on a paper one. The intention of both is to stabilize the strips as you sew them because your strips will be uneven and sometimes frayed. Using paper lessens the bulk of leaving the fabric in. However, using fabric saves all that extra work of tearing off all that paper.

In choosing your foundation fabric you want it to be lightweight. You can even use an old sheet that's too thin to sleep under anymore. Or you can purchase a new piece. I would recommend a lightweight 100% muslin. Don't forget to wash it before using because it will shrink up on you!

Decide on the size of your squares. Remember the smaller your squares the more you will need to make the size quilt you want. The same holds true for your strips as well. The bigger the block or the narrower the strip the more strips you will need.

If you cut your foundation pieces into 7 inch squares once your strings are sewn you would trim it back to 6 ½ inches, if you cut 4 inch squares you'd cut them back to 3 ½ inches. Whatever size square you want to work with just make sure the foundation square is an inch and a half larger.

Now you could also make a really large block and then cut it into 4 smaller blocks. This would give you a more coordinated look for sure. Here I'm starting with sewing a 7-inch foundation square.

Set the square on angle so you're looking at a diamond. Find a strip in your pile that will cover the square corner to corner. Lay it down right side up.

Now grab your next strip and lay it face down (right sides together) over the first strip. Because your strips are scraps they won't be the same size and some might be frayed.

That's okay, don't fret too much over ¼ inch seams, and be more concerned about catching enough of the "good" fabric in the seam and the straightness of the seam than an exact measurement. Also, make sure the length of the strip always overlaps your foundation piece so that you have enough to square up when it's done.

Once you've sewn the second strip, finger press it open. Grab a 3rd strip and lay it face down (right sides together) over the second strip and sew just like before. Continue to add strips like this until you fill up the block on both sides of the center strip.

After all your blocks are done, iron them flat and square them up. Lay the square flat with the foundation facing you and use your rotary cutter to trim them up to 6-½ inch square (or whichever size you decide to use).

The number of squares needed depends on the size quilt you want. Finishing this quilt is just like any other quilt. Add your batting (for a heavy quilt), backing and binding and you're done. You can make summer quilts or even table toppers by leaving out the batting.

The possibilities are endless with this easy quilt pattern. If the pattern seems to busy to you, you can use the same colored strip for the center of every square and rotate the blocks to create an x's and o's pattern.

You can also add sashing and borders to create a totally different look for your quilt. But then this adds to the complexity and sort of defeats the purpose of hunting an easy quilt pattern. So, we will save that for another day. Happy quilting!

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