3 Easy Baby Quilt Patterns Ideas

"Quilts made easy"

3 Easy baby quilt patterns ideas Are you wanting to make some handmade quilts but don't know how. While searching for easy patterns, I came across several ideas for beginners. All are easy to make but some are faster than others.

There are many reasons for wanting to make quick personalized quilts such as gifts and keepsakes. Some are new to sewing others just don't have the time to put into a full fledged hand made quilt.

There are a number of ways to find easy baby quilt patterns and produce beautiful gifts in no time. Not every one wants to get involved in the nitty gritty stitch by stitch of quilt making but still loves the craft and the finished product.

When you learn how to make strip quilts and the various assembly of the strips and blocks you will find quilting is fun even when time is short.

The baby quilt size can be anywhere from 36 inch square to 36 X 45. There is no set rule that a quilt has to be any specific size. So that in itself gives you a lot of freedom in choosing your design.

Easy baby quilt patterns

There are so many patterns you could choose from we have decided to cover just a quick three methods of cutting the fabric .

Strip quilt. A strip quilt is nothing more than strips sewn together. The beauty of these are how they are cut and assembled after all the strips are sewn. You cut lengths of fabric about 1 to 2 ½ inches wide and 6 to 12 inches long. You will sew a number of these strips together to make up a 12 inch square.

You will have ragged edges after sewn, than you can use a 12 inch square template and cut out a square. Now you have all even edges, these square will all be bordered or assembled and than bordered. You can find detailed directions here.

Really quick quilts

Weekend quilt is along the same line as the strip quilt. You cut the strips in whatever length you want, sew them together and than cut them in blocks of say 2 ½ to 3 1/2 inches wide and say 36 inches long. No set rule on either length or width of strips. Sew raw edges together in color arrangement light to dark. Or any color arrangement that pleases you.

And of course there is the easy nine patch. Using the easy strip method mentions you can create many variations of the nine patch, double nine patch, crazy quilt and many other designs.

Baby clothes quilt

Baby clothes quilt or Memory Quilt : This is a solution for preserving those baby clothes as they grow out of . I made a quilt for my mother in law using all the fabrics from my childrens clothes I had used. It is one of her favorite items. You can use the fabric from your babies clothes and you will always have the memory of when they were tiny.

And lets not over look the pre-printed quilt tops. These are the ultimate in easy baby quilt patterns. They can be a single sheet of fabric You will assemble the layers and can stitch around the design or they can be a three layer pre quilted fabrics that just need a binding to be applied. Okay this one doesn't really count but quick quilts made easy, than this is the quickest I know of.

Easy Baby Quilt Patterns to Quilt Patterns

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