Bold and Beautiful Scrap Quilts

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Bold and Beautiful scrap quilts ebook with all printable patterns

The more challenging quilts to be found in this Bold and Beautiful Book of Quilts could easily become the prize winners of tomorrows shows and fairs. There are modern designs such as the lovely Cathedral Window which requires no quilting and traditional favorites such as Robbing Peter to Pay Paul and Triple Irish Chain.

Patchwork quilts inevitably become treasured possessions which, are displayed on special occasions. It is becoming a popular idea to coordinate the quilts and drapes by adding a border or scattered blocks to plain drapes or curtains.

There are material requirements given with each quilt but the actual choice of colors remains the choice of each skillful quilt maker. Therefore the room for which the quilt is being made will be complimented by the colors chosen.

When cutting the pieces it is best to align the lengthwise threads with the longest measurement of each piece unless indicated otherwise. Cut pieces as accurately as possible. Uniformity of size should accommodate the 1/4" seam allowance throughout.

There is less slipping if fine sandpaper is used for each pattern piece. If the sandpaper is glued to one side of cardboard pattern the piece is even better.

Always trim excess material after sewing where there are sharp points or angles. Never press seams open because this weakens quilt. Press each block as it is completed

Because of the experience in quilt making needed to make the quilts in this book suggestions for order of sewing will not be given. Choice of quilting design is left to each individual.Line and pad quilts. Quilt, using a suitable quilting pattern such as those offered in Quilting Designs Number 3366 or quilt around seams if pieces are small

All fabric requirements given in this book are based on 45 inch material

Bold and Beautiful Scrap Quilts included in This Ebook

Dresden Plate

Cathedral Window

Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

Diamond Beauty

Time and Tide

Star of Stripes

Wedding Ring Tile

Star Flower

Arrow Point

Squares and Stripes

Double Tulip

Guiding Star

Triple Irish Chain

Dutch Rose


Little Red Schoolhouse

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Bold and Beautiful Scrap Quilts to Quilts Ebooks

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