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Bible quilt block patterns

These Bible quilt block patterns are not easy to find today, but we still have some old books that have great old time Biblical designs. Religion was a very strong and vital force in the lives of the early settlers; and as a result, the women who were devout to the Bible often made biblical references in naming their quilts.

Bible quilt historian in the making

Many Quilt Square Patterns

The collection of twelve in this book contains some of these Bible quilt block patterns that are most attractive because the blocks consist of many pieces set together to form a dainty and eye-catching pattern, for example: “Joseph's Coat” or “David and Goliath”.

Also included are coverlets made from just two units, which are easily carried about for ideal pick-up needlework during spare moments and which are quickly piece together to form a pretty quilt. Two of these are “Job's Troubles” and “Wonder-of-the-World”

Whether your a novice or an expert at quilting making, you will find that Bible quilt block patterns and the designs shown on the following pages are not only fascinating to make, but are compliment-winners when completed.

No quilt is easy to make- it takes time and patience, but when it is finished, you will be pleases to find that leisure moments have paid off in an heirloom – one that will be treasured by both you and your family.

Great quilt designs

Bible quilt block patterns sample page

You will find complete instructions for 12 quilts in this book.

Jacobs Ladder:

all over pattern and one of the most attractive of quilts having Bible names. 12” Block

Job's Troubles:

This lovely design is very attractive when the star is made in tow shades of a color against a white background. Each block measures 6 “

Crown of Thorns:

Just two units are combined to form this lovely design of Colonial days. 10” Blocks

David and Goliath:

A very beautiful and very old design that forms one of the most attractive quilts to be seen. Each Block 7 ½”

The Palm:

The Palm is made in three shades of green combined with white to form an exquisite coverlet Block size 8”

Wonders of the World:

Simply changing the color arrangement of the two units creates two very lovely and very different designs. One know as Wonder of the World and the other Rob Peter to Pay Paul. Block size 12”

Rob Peter to Pay Paul:

12” blocks as mentions above

Children of Israel:

A conventional design that is just as pretty in a modern setting of today as it was in yesterdays. Blocks 8”

Cross and Crown:

This is a very old and popular patchwork design that has been varied many times to form other lovely quilts. Block size 7 1/2”

Joseph's Coat:

This is an intricate design. A single block measuring 7 1/2” square is composed of 61 pieces.

Garden of Eden:

You're sure to have a coverlet that will be the pride and joy of your collection. Block size is 10”

The Tulip:

This pretty design dose not have a Bible name, but is simply called The Tulip, and has been included in this collection because its bright cheerful flower has made it one of the favorite plants for Easter giving. Block size is 8”

quilt art

Using Scrap Quilt Blocks

Bible Favorites quilt book contains all these wonderful Bible quilt block patterns with instruction for completion. This would make a wonderful gift for a pastor and his wife, a special give away at a church celebration.

I made a quilt for my mother in law using many different Bible designs and fabric from making my daughters clothes. She has loved it for years and will not part with it.

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