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Just like you might have in real life, among all those Barbie doll clothes will include a favorite date dress. It is elegant and sleek, and be one that will turn Ken's head.

Of course when you are considering this to add to your Barbie doll clothes, you will need to have the perfect color and material to have Barbie looking her best.

Think about what makes a date dress the best. It can be the deep black of the material, or the shine that comes off a rose red color. When you are creating your Favorite Date Dress for your doll clothes collection, look at silks, satins and even velvet.

Each of these materials will allow you to design an eye-popping design that will fit your Barbie doll perfectly. You can alter the size of the dress to raise the dress up a little higher for a more modern look, or you can extend it to the floor for a more phenomenal appearance.

The choice will ultimately be yours, and based on this pattern for free Barbie doll clothes will be easy to adjust, no matter what your preference is, but also one you will want to duplicate with a variety of styles and colors.

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Printable Barbie doll patterns

But how would a person accessorize the perfect dress? The answer is fairly simple. When you add in a layer of lace or even chiffon for that matter, you can take this dress to a stunning new level. It will be one of the most glamorous pieces you own for your Barbie doll, and could be something that inspires you to create a full size piece for an important day.

For example, when the prom rolls around, you will want your daughter or granddaughter to look amazing. You can begin to practice this design as a new piece to your doll clothes collection, and when you master it, you can make it a full size dress for her.

To help her have a memory of the day, you can create a special Barbie Doll for her, that has the same dress, and give it to her during the prom. She'll have the pride in knowing you made her the dress, and will always have the doll to remember you by. You can complete this perfect outfit by adding a shawl or other wrap to make your Barbie doll a breathtaking beauty all year round.

Printable doll clothing patterns

Favorite Date Dress # 9

Layout dress pattern pieces and cut as follows. Cut 1 dress bodice, 1 skirt back, and 1 skirt front.


1 – Sew darts as indicated

2 – Turn down the top and hem

Skirt front and back

1 – Sew skirt front and back together along side seams

2 – Gather skirt at waist seam line using a large stitch

3 - Pull gathers to match bottom edge of bodice

4 – Sew skirt waist to bodice

5 – Hem back openings of bodice and skirt

6 – Turn and hem bottom of skirt

7 – Sew snap at top of bodice and one at the waist.


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Barbie Doll Clothes to Printable Sewing Patterns

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