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"Spectator Blouse #5"

Barbie doll clothes “Spectator Blouse pattern #5”. Most fashion doll enthusiasts find that the most important feature that they have for their prized possessions are the doll clothes they wear.

Free easy sewing pattern

Everyone can own a Barbie doll for instance, but there is one thing you can to take your doll to a whole new level. That is by creating your own doll clothes for it.

Take for instance this remarkable blouse. With the easy to follow pattern you will be able to mix and match it with other articles of clothing you make. This spectator blouse goes well with a nice pair of handcrafted sports shorts for example. On this combination you would choose a lighter cotton fabric in a soft color, perhaps a pastel.

For a more sophisticated look, you could take the spectator blouse and place it under a Chanel Jacket. If your fashion doll is in a business setting this could look really well. Choose a heavier dark color for the jacket, and keep the spectator blouse light with a sheen fabric.

Doll clothes accessories

Another great idea is to give your doll the perfect summer flavor with a spectator blouse and a classic skirt. With this combination you could dress her in a light white cotton fabric and get her ready to hit the courts with a tennis racket in hand.

As the holidays come around, you can take this blouse in a new direction. While it remains sleeveless, it doesn't mean it can't be festive. Consider using heavier brown wool for Thanksgiving and for Christmas find a festive pattern that can give you doll a festive look.

Take for instance that if you desired to do so, you can add sparkling rhinestones to the base of the top to give it a hip new look reminiscent of the new fashion craze for the younger crowd. Or you can even add buttons and even a puff paint design to the center. Think about the ways you can use this remarkable pattern to create a vast number of tops for Barbie doll clothes.

Another great use for these tops is to create them as a gift for someone you love. With this method you give them a unique outfit no one else will be giving them on a special occasion, and they will cherish the fact that you took the time to create an outfit for their beloved dolls.

Just remember to keep the fabric for the spectator blouse light and easy to sew. Because of the size, some heavier materials may be difficult to use and if you are complimenting another article of Barbie doll clothes make sure the color, pattern and fabric don't clash.

Pattern #5 Spectator Blouse

Lay pattern on fabric and cut out one of each, collar, back, front right, and front left.

1. Stitch collar ends, turn right side out

2. Join shoulder seams matching notches

3. Base collar to neck on outside, matching notches

4. Fold front facing wrong side out. Stitch

5. Matching notches sew up side seams

6. Hem arm holes and bottom edge of blouse

7. Hem raw edges of collar

8. Sew snaps on blouse front


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