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"Summer/winter coat sewing patterns"

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There will be times when you need Barbie doll clothes that will work for the entire year. As summer passes, and winter comes into swing, your Barbie doll will need a look that is amazing. Because of this, you might consider the Year Rounder Coat as an option for your Barbie doll clothing.

As you look through the free Barbie doll clothes available here, that all of them will blend remarkably with this coat. It can be the perfect addition to any setting, and can be put on when the weather permits, or when you feel like adding some weather to your Barbie doll setup.

While creating this coat, you have a number of options. To begin with, the material you choose can be adjusted to help create the perfect look. A light material is often a good choice, as it proves to be the most universal and can be made to look heavier, depending on the season.

Because doll clothes can be accessorized, you might want to adjust this pattern with your own ideas as well. One great idea is to line the interior of the coat with a light cotton fabric, or other cover to give it a more relaxed look. If you want to create a button up, this design will allow you to add buttons. In fact, choosing to go this route can add a lot of character to your Barbie doll clothes.

Since this pattern will be easy for you to follow, you might want to create four different Year Rounder Coats, you can create a dark and warm coat for the winter months, a light breezy coat for summer, a pastel colored option for the spring, and a vibrant orange for the autumn. Each coat can still be combined with the other great patterns on this website as well.

Free Barbie sewing patterns

It can be used to cover the scoop neck blouse, add a little extra coverage to the spectator blouse, and it can even be used to accessorize the date dress. The options are endless, just so long as the color schemes don't clash. Usually, a good way to avoid this is to have a black coat and a white coat that will go with any outfit you put on your Barbie doll.

You will find that this combines well with other doll clothes, and will likely leave everyone making mention of it, when they see your Barbie doll wearing it.

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Year Round Coat # 10

Lay pattern pieces on fabric and cut as follows: Cut out 1 back, 1 right front, 1 left front and 1 back facing. Remember to mark all notches

1 – Sew the fronts to the back at the shoulder seam, matching the notches.

2 – Join the fronts to the back, sewing the entire underarm seams.

3 – With “Right” sides together sew the facing to the coat.

4 – Turn the facing to the inside and press.

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