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Using these Barbie Sewing Patterns will help you learn how to make doll clothes to save you money using up scraps of fabric. But these are not only for the Barbie doll, they can be used for any 11 ½ inch fashion doll. You could even teach your little girl how to become a Barbie fashion designer by letting her give you ideas for embellishing these patterns.

Little girls love to dress up their dolls. In fact, that is a large part of the reason that the Barbie Empire is as successful as it is. In fact, with the holidays quickly approaching and budgets being tight this may be the perfect gift for your favorite little girl. Barbie sewing patterns are easy to use and affordable to get.

Patterns for doll clothes

(A) If your little girl loves to throw summer soirees and garden parties with her Barbie dolls then you will certainly want to check out the pattern for the yellow and green sundress outfit. As far as Barbie sewing patterns go this is an incredibly versatile outfit to make for your girl.

Its simple silhouette makes a beautiful look, but more importantly, it is easy to construct. Additionally, the simple button accents, sash, and rickrack trim make it stylish and fun.

(B) No Barbie doll closet is complete without a beach outfit and there are Barbie sewing patterns that will help you to create that look. In fact, every Barbie needs an itsy bitsy yellow polka dot bikini. This pattern features an adorably vintage bikini that your little girl will love to have. The halter top will be easy for her to get on and off of her doll, and the high wasted briefs are simple to make.

(C) In terms of Barbie sewing patterns, evening wear is always popular. Not to worry there is a great gown that will go together in no time, but more importantly, it will look great on your little girl's doll. One of the best things about this garment is that it mirrors today's fashion trends with its one shouldered look. Additionally, the simple sheath design of the gown makes it easy to make. You can also jazz up the dress with whatever trim you choose to use making it the perfect dress for Barbie's big night out on the town.

Lots of Barbie sewing patterns

(D) Finally, every Barbie needs a ladylike look for a day out shopping, and this 1950's style sundress is just perfect for that. It is simple in its feminine design, but that does not mean that it isn't incredibly stylish. In fact, the simple details in this design make it so special. The dress itself features a delicate halter top with a sweetheart neckline. The dress is fitted through the bodice and then balloons out at the waist to create the perfect hourglass look. If you make this in a beautiful feminine fabric, your little girl is sure to love it.

Also included in this package is a basic but elegant wedding gown. You will find this pattern has some unexpected extras.

How to make doll clothes

Barbie clothes can be expensive when you are buying them at your local toys store, but more than that, they are really very much the same. It seems like each outfit is merely an adjustment of the last one. However, with these Barbie sewing patterns you can avoid that problem. You can make truly unique and top quality pieces that will last the life of your little girls doll and beyond. In fact, you may find that the outfits that you make from these sewing patterns will get handed down from generation to generation.


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