Free Baby Sling Pattern

"A different baby holder sling"

Sew a baby sling

A free baby sling pattern for you. If you are expecting a baby and like to sew, then this  pattern may be just what you are looking for. This will also be handy for those times when there is a new arrival on the horizon and you want to present the new parents with a useful gift.

Baby sling carriers

Hand made gifts are becoming more and more popular and so are baby slings. Having a baby sling pattern on hand for baby gift giving occasions will be a great addition to your collection of useful patterns.

Also you don't have to wait until there is a real baby coming to use this baby sling pattern. It would be great for your children or grandchilds dolls. You can use it to make up gifts for their dolls. Maybe even make them to sell at the local craft fair. Another idea could be to donate the slings to a local hospital to be given to new mothers.

How to make your own baby sling

Materials needed:

7/8 yard 44-45 inch wide fabric

2 inch buckle

Step by step directions for this baby sling pattern are below

Cut and mark fabric as shown below.
Cut one piece 20 inches by 20 ½ inches.
Cut one piece 5 ½ inches by 27 inches
Cut one piece 5 ½ inches by 21 inches

1. Baby sling hems: Finish edges of the baby sling with narrow hems as shown below. Stitch ¼ inch from raw edges and press. (Easiest to turn under ¼ inch and than press and stitch in place.)

    (1a) Pleats: To make pleats on the OUTSIDE fold along pleat lines, turning in direction of arrows as illustrated. Bast stitch the ends in place. Press.

2. Straps. Turn under ½ inch on ends and than on long side of each strap and press.</p>

    (2a). Pin end of each strap to the ends of the pleated baby sling as illustrated.

        (2b) Wrap straps around sling, folding straps along fold lines and overlapping flat edge over turned under edge, as illustrated. Stitch across ends taking up a 1 ½ inch seam allowance.
         (2c) Turn straps RIGHT SIDE OUT folding straps along fold lines.

         (2d)  For strap (1) pin turned under edge of strap over flat edge as illustrated. Stitch in place close to turned under edge and across open end.

          (2e) For strap (2) pin turned under edge of strap over flat edge as illustrated. Stitch in place close to turned under edge and across open end.

                 (2f) To reinforce end of straps attached to baby sling, stitch thru all thicknesses, forming a box 5/8 inch wide and 2 inches long as illustrated.

3. FINISHING: Buckle
                     Fasten buckle to free end of strap (2)

                     Turn under end of strap (1) along line indicated and press.

                      Insert strap (1) thru buckle and try on sling to adjust length.

                     Stitch strap (1) to strap (2) forming a triangle as illustrated.

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