Apron and Place Mat

Apron and Place Mat Motifs

American Beauty Apron and Place Mat

The PERENNIAL favorite Irish crochet is used for the lovely rose design with lacy leaves.

The place mat measures about 15 x 20 inches.

Each motif measures about 3 inches in diameter.

You will need 10 balls of Clark's Big Ball Mercerized Crochet Cotton in pink, 3 balls of green, a number 10 steel crochet hook and 2 yards of pink linen 36 inches wide.

You can learn to crochet here

Motif for apron and place mat

Abbreviations: ch (chain) dc (doubk crochet) sl n (slip stitch) sc (single clothet) hdc (half double crochet) sk (skip) p (picot) rnd (round) lp (loop)

Place Mat Make 4.

First Motif:

Starting at center with pink, ch 8, join with sl st in first ch 8 to form ring.

Rnd 1: 16 so in ring, sl st in first sc.

Rnd 2: Sc in same place with sl st, ‘ ch 3, sk 1 sc, sc in next sc.

Repeat from " around, sl st at base of first ch. There are 8 lps in this rnd.

Rnd 3: (Sc, hdc, 3 dc, hdc, sc) in each 1p around. Join with sl st in first sc.

Rnd 4: * Ch 3, sc between next 2 petals. Repeat from * around end with a sl st at base of first ch.

Rnd 5: (Sc, hdc, 5 dc, hdc, in each lp around. Sl st in first M1

Rnds 6 through 13: Repeat – rnds 4 and 5 alternately, making 1 more ch st on each lp rnd and 1 more

dc on each petal rnd (ch 7 lp on rnd 12 and 9 dc on petal of rnd 13). Fasten off. This completes the rosette.


Row 1: With right side of rosette toward you, join green to second dc made on any petal, ch 11, turn, sl st in corresponding dc on next petal, turn.

Row 2: Sc in lp just formed, ch 3, sl st in last sc for a p, in same lp make (2 sc, p) 6 times, sc. Sl st in same dc where thread was attached to petal.

Fasten off. Make a leaf between all petals in the same manner.

Second Motif: Work as for first motif until rosette is completed.

Leaf: With right side of rosette toward you, join green to second dc on any petal, ch 11, turn, sl st in corresponding dc on next petal, turn.

Row 2: Sc in lp just formed, p, (2 sc, p) twice in same 1p, 2 sc in same lp, ch 1, sl st in center of p

of any leaf on first motif, ch 1, sc in last sc made on second motif, in same lp of second motif make (2 sc, p) 3 times, sc in same lp. Complete leaf as before Join next leaf to corresponding leaf in same manner.

Make 5 motifs for long side having 2 leaves free on each side of joining. Continue keeping leaves free on inner edge, join only 1 lp of next 4 motifs to form rounded end (the 4th motif is the first motif on next long side). Complete next side and rounded end to correspond, Join leaf motif to first motif

Place motifs on a piece of linen to form an oval. Baste and sew in place. Cut away excess material and hem raw edges.

Apron and Place Mat

Apron-Motif (make 20): Make and join in same manner as for place mat motifs. Cut linen 16 1/2 x 27 inches. Curve lower edges. Place motifs on curved lower edge and sides of apron and complete as for place mats. Gather top edge measure 15 inches. With remaining material make waist band and ties and sew in place.

Pocket: Cut a circular piece of linen 3 ½ inches in diameter. Make narrow rolled hem and sew 6 motifs around circle. Sew pocket in place


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