Free Apple Applique Pattern

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This free apple applique pattern is ready for spring and for you to enjoy making. This would make up as a great gift for a teacher friend or a farmer pal or anyone who loves to decorate with apples.

Below you will find the download for the free full size and printable applique designs

This block pattern is perfect for a small quilt display or a full size quilt as the blocks can be made in any amount. Making it as small or as large as you desire.

A few decisions need to be done before you start sewing up your project. First you need to decide on the colors. This pattern can be either an apple quilt or a plum. The fruit you choose will of course decide on your colors.

Next you need to decide if you are planning on hand sewing or using a machine. You can either hand or machine applique your apple quilt top. This dvd covers about everything you need to know about machine applique.

Cutting with accuracy is very important. You want all your seams straight and your points to be sharp. Remember to add ¼ inch seam  allowance on this pattern as the picture is of the finished sizes.

This is an inexpensive book I came across if you are a beginner in applique. It has 7 quilts and lots of tips at a reasonable price.

Free quilt pattern

The size of your quilt will depend on how many blocks you make. Each of these free applique quilt pattern blocks are finished at about 12” high by 18” wide. So if you want your finished quilt to be 80“ by 80”. You would than use 4 blocks across and 4 blocks down plus a border of 4 inches around. Naturally you can make this larger or smaller easily enough by adding or subtracting blocks.

The quilt borders also dictate the size of the finished size. I personally love a wide border, it is like framing a painting. But you may prefer a smaller border of only a couple of inches wide. So take this into account when you are figuring the finished size.

This book has many great reviews and beautiful flower applique.

Cutting and sewing the applique pattern

It would be a good idea to trace out two copies of the apple and stem. One with the ¼ “ seam allowance and one without. You will use the one without the seam allowance as a pressing template.

After you have cut out the apple template with the seam allowance than place the other one in the middle of the piece. Turn the edges of the fabric over the center template and press. This will give you a nice even edge for stitching.

You can assemble the block and than add the applique or add the applique pattern and than assemble the block. Again the choice is yours. To begin using this free applique quilt pattern, you will want to draw off the pattern according to the directions and sizes given below.

Apple Applique Pattern to Applique 

Quilt Ebooks

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