All Year Quilt Magazine

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All Year Quilt Magazine, you will find twelve complete patterns, one design for each month of the year.

These designs, some well known and others newly created, are all suggestive of a special fact or event connected with the month it represents.

Below is some of the great information you will find in this ebook.

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(All pieces illustrated are actual size.)

1. Trace the piece onto a piece of tissue or tracing paper.

2. Cut along tracing line.

3. Place this pattern an top of a blotter or sandpaper and, holding it firmly in left hand, cut around pattern. Make a number of patterns at one time, so that when one is worn a second may be easily picked up.


(Allow 1 /4 inch for seams on all pieces.)

1. Even fabric off by tearing it or pulling a thread.

2. Using a damp cloth, press fabric.

3. Threads running lengthwise and crosswise are known respectively as the lengthwise & crosswise grain. Lay pattern on lengthwise grain of fabric and make a tracing line

4. Trace number of pieces for one block, leaving 1 2-inch space on all sides between tracing lines for seam allowance.

5. Cut out pieces 1 4 inch away from tracing line on all sides.

6. Place pattern directly over the tracing line on each cut piece and with a moderately hot iron press back the seam allowance, a guide line for sewing seams.


Tells you how to place and sew each piece together.


Give the quilt a professional look by pressing the seams to one side.


Combining the blocks and the border of the quilt is known as "setting the quilt together".


Make the backing the same size as the top, unless you wish to use the edges of the backing as a binding.

And much more information and directions on how to make and assemble a quilt.

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All Year Quilt Magazine Includes


January - Snowball,

February - Cherry Tree

March - Shamrock

April - Diamond Star

May - May Basket

June - Double Wedding Ring

July - Toy Soldier

August - Sunbonnet Sue & Sunflower Quilt

September - Pioneer Patch

October - Tumbling Block

November - Turkey Tracks

December - Angel Quilt

All Year Quilt Magazine to Quilt Patterns

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