12 inch quilt blocks

“Easy to make quilts”

These 12 inch quilt blocks are called Wild Goose Chase quilt blocks are fairly easy one to make up. It shows just one of the ways to use the flying geese patchwork design. With this block you can arrange the pattern into many different designs.

Using this pattern it is easy to make anything from a wall hanging to a king size quilt wit this pattern. You can also make a more personalized quilt with variations border treatments.

You will be able to download this free pattern and print off the templates and instructions. This is a pdf file so you will need adobe to open it. Which just about everybody has on their computer today.

Quilt block patterns

The following is from a newspaper in 1928:

This pattern is called “The Wild Goose Chase”

All kinds of picturesque names have become attached to authentic old fashioned quilt patterns, such as this Wild Goose Chase design. These quilt blocks, may be used not only for a counterpane of a quilt but also for patchwork pillows or chair seats.

The fabrics colors suggested for it are white, light blue and dark blue, but other colors may be substituted in dark and light shades as long as the "geese," (the triangles measuring three inches across the base) are white for the authentic colors. As you can see these colors are just as pleasing.  You can of course use any colors you desire and yes scraps could make an interesting quilt.

Scrap 12 inch quilt blocks

Download your free pattern

It pieces together in the manner shown in the upper left of the sketch, the most problem is sewing the tiny blue triangles to white ones and joining them properly into strips. (The thirty-two dark blue triangles should measure two inches across the base, one and one-half inches on each of the other two sides.)

After the blocks are finished if you are piecing them together for a quilt these may be placed together side by side as indicated in the sketch, or they may be set together with alternating solid color light blue quilt blocks —these are more effective than white  quilt blocks.

The patterns shown do not allow for seams so be sure and add ¼ inch seam allowance when drawing your templates. Make cardboard patterns of the exact size of the pieces plus the seam allowance. Then lay them on your material and trace around them with a pencil. When you sew the piece, sew on the pencil line.

12 Inch Quilt Blocks to Quilting

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