Over 200 free sewing patterns – download as many as you wish!

Apron Sewing Pattern

Over 200 free sewing patterns – download as many as you wish!

"Free apron patterns"

Choosing an apron sewing pattern can be as easy or complete as your sewing skills allow.

Pattern instructions

Party Apron
Materials needed: 1 1/8 yr fabric

Directions for cutting (Remember you can cut apron piece according to your measurements. These are just examples)

Apron – 1 piece 36 “ (on length)  x  31 ½ “
Ties - 2 pieces, each  4 ½ “ x 36” (on width)
Front Band – 1 piece 9  “ x 18 1/2” (on length) gets folded

Directions for making (use 1/2” seams unless otherwise specified)

1 – Finish sides and 1 end of Ties with a narrow machine hem.
Turn under and press 1/4” around all sides of Band pieces

2 – (gathering waistband) Along 36” side of apron
Using a basting stitch, stitch 1” in from edge, repeat 1” below this, gather to 18”

3 – Fold Front Band and press long ways
Pleat unfinished ends of Ties to measure 2” and stitch to ends of Front Band (only to crease) with length of Ties Facing each other.
Stitch down sides and trim corners
Turn Front Band to right side and pull out ties
You should now have your Front Band and side Ties completed

4- Stitch unfinished edge of Front Band to gathered edge of Apron (right side to right side)
Turn waistband.
Turn under 1/4” along Front Band.
Stitch Front Band to back side of apron over gathers.
Top stitch all around Band.

5 – Stitch a machine hem at bottom of apron.

Notes: Ties can be wide or narrow. Whatever you choose for your width be sure to double. For instance if you want a 4  inch waistband, then you will need a 8 inch wide piece of fabric in your desired length.  </p>
At this point your basic half apron is done. You don't need an pattern to add interest to your apron. If you desire you can add a pocket or two. Even this simple apron sewing pattern can make a great gift if paired with matching oven mitts or pot holders. Get creative and experiment!

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