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"Fabric stores online"

Craft stores such as Michaels craft stores, that are online today. At least most of the major ones are. This is a wonderful convenience for anyone that doesn't have a store locally. Fabrics and notions are not always easy to find as in my case, so surfing the net provide the merchandise I need.

I live in the country, miles from any local fabric stores and do much of my shopping and ordering online. I am very happy to be able to share with but will make note of the stores I know. Sharing with you and noting the online stores I personally have found to be dependable and reputable.

I admit I like everyone else, I do have my favorites. But if you are looking for some fabric for a quilt or scrap booking materials, there are plenty of great stores to choose from. Some are brick and mortar stores, some are online and many of the stores are both.

A favorite art & craft store

Michaels: have just about anything and everything for the craftsmen from yarn to glue. Yarn, scrapbooking supplies and flowers all under one roof. But my favorite is:

Joannes fabric stores

Joann.com: I must admit I favor Joanne fabrics but we don't have one here near us. So shopping online is necessary for me, but I also admit it is also really nice to have my merchandise delivered to the door. You will find fabric, sewing and quilting supplies, scrapbooking and all kinds of craft items. I have not come across any craft item I needed that they did not carry. Quilting Fabric at Joann.com

Hobby Lobby: craft stores is one of the nicest I have been in and I never leave empty handed. I love their fabrics and yarn the most. Also they have some very good seasonal sales happen there.

Hancock Fabrics - Fashion Fabric: has a very nice selection of beautiful fabrics but I do find the prices a bit higher than the other craft stores.

CreateForLess : is perfect for those that shop online like I do. This is a trusted well established company that has a lot of variety to choose from. Prices are fair and selection is great. Free Shipping with any $100 order – Everyday at CreateForLess.

Ben Franklin: craft stores are very nice but they are not in all states so the limited locations cause me some problems. I have not shopped here yet.

Fabric.com: is another great online sales shop for fabric. They sell fabric for upholstery, drapery, waverly, silk, toile, velvet, chenille, tapestry and print fabric by the yard. Also crafts, yarn, scrapbooking, Sewing machines and so much more. And free shipping for orders over $35.00 and this is a nice plus for anyone. Designer Quilting Fabrics

So if you live away from the city and love your crafts don't give up because your supplies are really only a mouse click away.

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